Opinion: Travel Isn’t my Thing

I hate traveling. I hate being away from my computer, my camera, my YouTube studio. I hate traveling.

I think that as we drive 12 hours to the beach, a trip that can fly by when the trip sounds exciting. For me, however, it drags on as I fill myself with dread for the upcoming week of sand in all the wrong places.

Everyone else gets this excitement, ofpeaving the most comfortable place in the world (your home) and going somewhere.

For me, traveling means I can’t see my friends or my crush, and they can’t see me.

Thats not the only reason. I’m not a touchy-feely person, I like to have a lot of privacy (like my own room), I like having time for doing what I want to do, not hiking or sight-seeing.

So while others see vacation as a break, I see it as a block. A block from my life, which isn’t normal or boring. I like to think it’s this ongoing adventure I try to live each and every day, and vacation puts an end to that. Unpopular opinion? Yes. But realistically, what better way to stay on top of your life than to actually be there.


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