Opinion: Apps can Hurt or Help you, The Choice is Yours.

Some teachers tell us to turn off our phones, turn on ‘do not disturb’, and focus on school. But is that completely necessary?

I’ll open this up with a little story relating to my life, as I often do. I’m looking at my phone now, it rests on the side of my keyboard. It’s an iphone 7, and it has a lifeproof case. The running gag in my family is that it may be lifeproof, but it isn’t Felicity-proof.

Obviously, it has texting and phone calls, settings and news, and all of the basics. Let’s talk about the apps I purchased, though, which will show more about my personality. I have almost every social media platform: instagram, pinterest, snapchat, facebook, twitter, musical.ly, live.ly, Skype, Groupme, The Sims 4 Gallery, … do you get the point? I also have exactly 9 TV apps. All together, they probably have every television show you could name.

I have some games, too. Pokemon Go, Minecraft, Slither.io, a parking game, Make Hexa!, Sims Freeplay, and a TON of solitaire and card games!

I have a whole folder of video editing and effect apps, ones I’ve cultivated over years of downloading every one and only keeping the good options. (BONUS: They’re all free!)

These apps may not tell you much about me, but they will tell you that there’s good reason to put my phone away. Or is there?

Sometimes, there are apps that help you keep your life in control. Stylebook helps me make my closet digital, so I can use bus rides or really any small burst of free time to decide what I wear tomorrow, so I don’t have to spend half an hour in the morning deciding. The time that I gain from this means I can work on my homework in the morning too.

I also use my calendar and reminder apps to organize and remember what I need to do. I still think that physical planners and to do lists work better for me, but others tend to gravitate towards having it digital so it’s always with them.

Next time you are procrastinating, try switching out your app choices for something productive. That way, you can slowly work your way towards not procrastinating. By the time you get there, you’ll practically be God in my eyes :P.


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