Opinion: Cousins give you the Love Siblings Refuse to

Right now I am in Simi Valley, a 35 minute drive out from Los Angeles. I wrote my last blog on the way flying over here. I have to say, planes may be terrible but they do bring out the productive side in me.

I started this day hunched over my laptop, the words on the screen breathing life into me. My zoom at 150% because I hate having to be so close to the screen to read the words. My music blasting in my headphones, of course from my personal favorite playlist on spotify (creation credits to moi). My mind focusing only on the bright lights on the screen, seeing the words slowly fan themselves out line by line, stretching across the screen.

I was coming to see my cousins, Tessa and Max.

Tessa is going into seventh grade. She is sarcastic, funny–she now looks over my shoulder.

“I am a rebel.” She says. Man, dialogue. I haven’t written any in at least months. I just wanted to try it out. No, I didn’t like it either. Blogs aren’t really the story platform Wattpad is (don’t judge present me for past me’s mistakes.)

Max is going into 11th grade. He is only a few months older than me though, so ha ha we’re the same age but he’s taking harder classes. He’s grumpy. But, when he gets into a conversational mood, I really enjoy talking to him.

Hold up. I was writing this when I stopped to check my groupme and discovered that my sister did a bunch of annoying text replacements as a trick on me.

It’s a good thing that I was in the middle of writing this anti-sister blog.

This one will be quick, but hopefully my opinion will be evident.

Here we go: Cousins. You may not see them as often, but I think the bond of a group of cousins can transcend boundaries like distance.

I’m lucky to be part of two cousin groups. Max and Tessa are on my mom’s side, and I have equally awesome Ethan, Emma, and Lauren on my dad’s side. You will hear about them a lot … they live in Ohio and we see them a little bit more than we do Tessi and Maxi-Poo.

My point of this post is to tell you that you can feel a connection so strong with cousins. It’s the perfect arrangement: You see them too little to be siblings but too much to just be best friends. You’re more than that.

Even when I’m in the Midwestern region and my cousins are on the west coast, a text from them can pick me up from even some of the worst days.

So there you have it … cousins are the love and support system your siblings can’t give you (at least when you’re my age!)


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