Opinion: My Very Own Letter Correspondence

Do your parents ever talk about how they sent love notes back and forth? Do they have boxes full of them that they still occasionally pull out and read; even if they’re from/to somebody else.

Mine do. They talk about them a lot. So when I started to like a guy, let’s call him Geoff, I thought about how we could talk. See, both of us have traveled a lot this summer, and by the time I’m flying in at 6:30am, he’s arriving in New York at 8:30.

Texting isn’t a great option. He has an iphone 4s that’s struggling to stay alive. He doesn’t read his texts much anyways, so it was time to look for the better option.

NOw, disclaimer: In no way am I in love with this boy. I’m a realist. So when I sent the letter, it wasn’t really a love letter.

We have an ongoing joke about the “hip and cool kids”, so I sent Goeff a letter about “being with all the hip and cool kids, but missing the hippest and coolest.” I added a little 50 cent magnet, and away I went, searching for the nearest post office. It took me three tries to write the address right, but by the time it was on its way I had sent my first letter.

There was the worry that somehow it wouldn’t send and my return address would be used, leaving the only ‘jump off a cliff’, that is, risk, I’ve ever really taken. I have no doubt that they would open it up and read it, I doubted that they’d actually go put it in his mailbox.

So, yeah. I’m not sure where this post was headed. I guess you could say the point is we text because we’re too nervous to be more revealing about our feelings. I think though, you should challenge the norm. You never know. Maybe it will lead to them thinking you’re the hippest and coolest.


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