Personal Essay: My Sister

My sister. Her name is Laura Beth. She’s blonde, 25, and recently married.

We’re so similar. We both like Harry Potter, reading, and goofing off.

We’re so different. I want to work in the film industry, she is a nurse. I want four kids, she has been scared off of kids by helping to raise me and my younger sister, Grace. I’m a goofy goober, but she’s the goofiest.

When I was only eight years old, she left. With such a large age gap, I thought the wsa the bee’s knees. When she went to homecoming I cried because I couldn’t go too. I would follow her friends around and bug them. When she played clarinet, I wanted to too.

And, when she left for college, I was depressed for three months. Three months! I went from the girl who was always loud to the girl who never talked. I didn’t know what college was, but I knew I wanted to be there, too.

Because of LB, I read Harry Potter, which was the first book I ever read willingly. It’s the reason I’ve found my passion in writing and creating, and it’s made me a better person.

Because of LB, I made my dream college as a kid OSU. Even though I probably won’t go there–since I’ve never heard anything about them having a major in filming–I learned to dream big and set my goals higher than I think I can achieve.

Because of LB, I’ve learned that who I am is a great person. Even when my mom and dad are being hard on me, I have someone who has been through it and can relate–because most people don’t really get what it is like to grow up in the house that I have.

And most of all, because of LB, I’ve learned to appreciate family. If she hadn’t left when I was so little, I would’ve never realized that my time here is limited and I should remember that.

I’d love to write forever, but it’s 9:36 and I should probably get my life going. I hope you see how important my sister is to me, because I’m sure it will make you think of someone close to you.


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