Opinion: When Someone has to Step in

Even though I am a strong and proud member of the Logang, I still keep up on the news of Jake Paul. Recently, he’s been in the news for terrorizing his neighbors.

What I mean by that is not that he’s chasing them down with axes, but that his living there is disrupting the people near him who are just trying to live their lives.

This is close to me, literally, because I’m currently 20 minutes away from the Team 10 house.

He frequently has fans standing outside his house, waiting for him to make an appearance. His brother, Logan, likes to drive down the street and shoot Tee shirts out to the crowd.

If that wasn’t annoying enough, take his stunts for example. He recently emptied his pool to light multiple items, including a mattress, on fire. One neighbor said that the flames were at one point higher than the house.

Inside of this house live all members of Jake and his crew, Team 10. This includes, Tessa Brooks, Kade Speiser, Nick Crompton, Anthony Trujillo, Chance Sutton, Aj Mitchell, Chad Tepper, Tristan Tales, Emilio Martinez, and more.

Not all of these people live in this house, and they’re all different from the original team. Due to one reason or another, they’ve all left, leaving his team to completely change.

Even though these are super popular celebrities, that doesn’t mean they deserve to terrorize the neighborhood. Celebrities don’t live in normal neighborhoods for a reason, it makes it impossible for others to live normally.

So, while I am a fan of Jake Paul, I think enough is enough; he has gone too far.

Jake Paul and his brother, Logan, have ongoing prank wars, and don’t take good care of their stuff. Logan frequently breaks plates anywhere and everywhere he is, bt that isn’t the extent of what he does. He spray painted Jake’s garage door, not that Jake cares much.

Jake has spent most of his time in the Team 10 house destroying it. Whether he’s playing 20 foot tall Jenga or setting his pool on fire, he frequently does dangerous and damaging stunts.

And when reporters came to ask him about all of this, he jumped onto their news van, along with dabbing and running away from the camera.

Overall, Jake needs to learn to grow up. This is an adult’s world. He can still do pranks and stunts, but he needs to learn to do things safely and without interfering with other’s lives.


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