Opinion: Sit Back, Relax, and Shut the Heck Up

As humans, we are a social creature. We converse all day, almost every day. We don’t always get a lot of time to be by ourselves and our thoughts, only.

The time that we do have on our own is spent scrolling mindlessly through social media and watching weird youtube videos.

Sometimes, I think that our lack of time connecting with ourselves is hurting us. People used to have lots of time by themselves to think. Maybe they were doing chores or work whilst thinking, but the point is they were thinking.

I’m not quite sure where this post is going, but maybe that’s okay.

At least I’m here thinking about myself and the choices I’ve made, I’m thinking. No one else seems to be thinking about themselves.

I have to wonder, if they were: would they still be making the decisions they are. I’m not saying I’m making perfect decisions. I fudge things up often, :P.

What I mean is, I’m always thinking about my decisions and how they could affect me … are you?


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