My Sister Steals my Stuff and other reasons I’m pissed.

My older sister is pretty much my idol. Forgot God, Buddha, Santa: I’ve got my sister. So any hand-me-downs are like Christmas presents, I cherish them lovingly. But, unfortuantely, I have another little sister whose gotten to the ages when she knows just what sets me off.

Previously, I had no perfume. My sister gave me a box of it, I fell in love, my little sister noticed. Now, my little sister has a lot more perfume than I do, and usually better scents anyway. But, since my sister was little, she’s done exactly what will make me the most angry.

My sisters get along, but because they’re so far apart (14 years) sometimes I feel like they hardly know each other. Most days, to be frank, I get along with my sister Laura Beth better than Grace does.

Because she’s a young adult and I’m a teenager and we relate.

Grace has never really cherished what LB gives her as hand-me-downs, and previously she didn’t care about mine. But this week she saw me really loving the perfumes and stole all of them, hidden in a secret location I’ll never find.

So yeah I wanted to tell you that and also ask for comments, I’d love some ideas on what to do (without bringing this to my parents who will most certainly let her keep them.) I’m open to sharing with her I just need ideas on talking to her and/or finding them.


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