I knew I liked sharing my opinions from a young age. It stated as a passion to talk a lot. Even though I have anxious feelings in social sitations now, I didn’t always. I was passionate about every little idea I got, and I liked sharing how I felt.

Even though this means I fight a little bit … okay, a lot a bit. Writing a blog is great for me because I can put myself out there without having to physically tell you this face-to-face.

That’s good. My friends don’t appreciate when I rant to them–whoever is reading this blog is like their favorite person.

Sometimes my opinions may be outlandish, sometimes so extreme I probably shouldn’t publish them under my name. Maybe you’re a college-y person from the future, from year 2020, deciding if I should be admitted. The truth is: my opinions my be crazy, but my passion is strong and that’s what matters.

So, if you’re just reading this because who knows why and you don’t even know who I am: Hi. Read. Enjoy. Comment and Connect. I’d love to argue with you sometimes, so that I can bless you with my opinion.